Transforming Design: A Peek Inside Real Simple’s Designer Showhouse

We’re excited to share a special collaboration that has allowed us to showcase our expertise and creativity in the world of interior design. Kirsch partnered with Real Simple to be part of their 2023 Designer Showhouse, located at The Quay Towers in Brooklyn, New York, working with five talented designers to bring our window treatments to life. Come along and take a look at how each space was uniquely transformed using our top-quality window coverings, including Woven Woods, Roller Shades, Vertical Shadings, Screen Shades and Cellular Shades. Prepare to be inspired as we explore the designs crafted by Michelle Gage, Kim and Scott Vargo, David Quarles and Lynda Hayslett.

November 17, 2023

The Office Space – Michelle Gage

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Woven Woods in Fresh Tan

Michelle Gage worked her magic in the office space, creating a warm and inviting ambiance. The Woven Woods she chose as her window treatment bring another touch of color and texture that complements her floral wallpaper pattern. These shades, crafted from natural materials, not only offer exceptional aesthetics, but also transform light with distinct fabrics and opacity liners. As your eyes scan the room, you’ll notice the integration of playful design that adds further layers of charm. The fusion of different design elements, colors and shapes transforms this office into a cozy, productive retreat.

The Kitchen and Dining Space – Kim and Scott Vargo

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Roller Shades in Sand Dune

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Roller Shades in Sand Dune

Kim and Scott Vargo harmoniously blended their creativity in the kitchen and dining area. The deep green hues on the walls act as a canvas, making the Roller Shades stand out brilliantly. The light colored fabric they chose for the shades provides a striking contrast that feels just right. Between the colors of green, orange and shades of off-white, everything blends perfectly, making this space ideal for meal preparation and dining. 

In the kitchen, where culinary creations come to life, the Roller Shades ensure an abundance of natural light while preserving the desired level of privacy. The versatility of these shades enables any homeowner to adjust the atmosphere with ease, whether for a bright and busy morning or an intimate dinner setting. The ambiance feels clean, structured and inspiring–just what you need while cooking. The city views don’t hurt either!

The Guest Bedroom – Megan Hopp

Photography: Tori Williams / Shade: Woven Woods in White Rapids

As an interior designer tastefully does, Megan Hopp used her talent to bring in textures and prints to her guest bedroom space. She embraced femininity with pops of white, blue and pink. Kirsch Woven Woods beautifully frame the windows, offering privacy without compromising style and adding a touch of sophistication to the room. Going with a white shade in a smaller room, rather than a deep or distracting print, really helps open the space without it feeling overwhelming. The Woven Woods complement the gentle color palette, creating an atmosphere that is both dreamy and inviting. 

The Master Bedroom and Bath – David Quarles

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Vertical Shadings in Sand Shimmer 

David Quarles takes us on a captivating journey, sharing on an Instagram post, “Bedrooms are a place for rest, retreat and a place to dream!”
We feel that every piece of furniture he picked out for this bedroom space does just that. Between a jungle motif from the tiger on the accent pillows to the unique wallpaper and graceful Vertical Shadings, everything blends and balances. The versatility of the Vertical Shadings allows for precise control over lighting, ensuring the room can transition from a bright and energizing morning to a cozy sanctuary in the evening.

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Screen Shades in Golden Beige

The deeper color palette was left in the bedroom, while David brought an element of clean, simple minimalism to the master bathroom. The structured design elements in the bathroom are complemented by the clean lines and modern aesthetic of Screen Shades. Their sleek appearance contributes to the room’s overall sophistication and cohesive design throughout the large bathroom. The floating bathtub, skyline views and automated Screen Shades make this bathroom setup ideal for everyone.

The Upstairs Landing Nook – Lynda Hayslett

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Cellular Shades in San Dollar

Photography: Genevieve Garrupo / Shade: Cellular Shades in San Dollar

Lynda Hayslett transformed the upstairs landing into an art-filled haven. Cellular Shades take the center stage by not only enhancing the windows and overall space, but by contributing to year-round comfort. Kirsch energy-efficient Cellular Shades keep out the summer heat and lock in warmth during winter. The shades’ clean lines and contemporary look complement the surrounding artwork and smaller design pieces, creating a seamless and stylish flow.

The Kirsch partnership with Real Simple has been nothing short of inspiring. Each space, meticulously designed by talented designers, showcases how Kirsch window treatments can transform spaces into places of style and functionality.

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