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KIRSCH® – A modern legacy in
custom drapery hardware
and window coverings

For more than 100 years, Kirsch® has maintained a rich heritage of custom design. Not only are we the leader in drapery hardware, but our customizable window coverings are tailored to your design taste as well. We sell a full line of elegant products, all of which have the dependability you can trust.

Our business began when the first curtain rod and telescoping rod were invented by Charles Kirsch in 1907. Soon after, Charles published his first “Style Book,” which provided guidance to purchasers of drapery hanging specialties. His goal was to really connect with people about his amazing products. In 1923, the first Kirsch patented lace curtain rod was created. This is when his career really took off.

A few years later, Kirsch® made one of the most important developments in drapery hardware history when he designed DeLuxe Cut-to-Measure drapery hardware. And this was just the beginning. Over the next 50 years, the Kirsch® brand created many advancements that would change the industry forever.

Today, we sell a wide selection of drapery hardware and custom window coverings, all crafted with the same elegance and stylistic features that Charles Kirsch built this company around.

Our full-line of products has everything you need to complete your window treatment projects, including custom window coverings and draperies, matching brackets, poles, finials, rings, and more. From beautiful materials to sophisticated touches to basic hardware, our products are built with materials that last, and are sure to add style to any room in your home. All of our products are designed with top-notch craftsmanship, and come in many different shapes and sizes.

Whether you’re re-designing your living room or you want to add style to your kitchen or bedroom, Kirsch® has the elegant designs you’re looking for. Because we seek superior design in all things, now you can too.

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    The Kirsch® brand dates back to the invention of the first flat curtain rod and the first telescoping rod by Charles Kirsch in 1907. Today, Kirsch® is noted for a fashion-forward line of Decorative Hardware and Basic Hardware.

  • Charles W. Kirsch founded the Kirsch® Company

    Charles. W. Kirsch, a leader in American home fashion, founded the Kirsch® Company in Sturgis, Michigan on January 14th, 1907. The company was organized for the purpose of perfecting, manufacturing and patenting the simplest and most serviceable rods for modern drapery needs. Being distinctive in design and finish, it met the demand for a strong, practical and durable rod. The Kirsch® rod would not sag, tarnish or rust and its telescoping ability made fitting any size window possible. Kirsch® immediately began packaging these rods, complete with brackets, and was soon shipping them to customers all over the world.

  • Charles W. Kirsch published his first "Style Book"

    Charles W. Kirsch published his first "Style Book" for the assistance and guidance of purchasers of drapery hanging specialties. His hope was that the book would prove valuable to dealers, managers and clerks of drapery departments in presenting to their customers the latest and most popular suggestions in window and door treatments. Mr. Kirsch's goal was to continue with periodic updates to the book as a way to connect with his customers and with homeowners everywhere.

  • The First Kirsch® Patented Lace Curtain Rod

    Due to the merits of the first Kirsch® patented lace curtain rod, by 1923, the Kirsch® Company had grown from capacity of less than 500 curtain rods produced per day to a capacity of over 20,000 fixtures daily, made in over 75 different sizes, styles and finishes.

  • Kirsch® Introduces DeLuxe Cut-to-Measure Drapery Hardware

    A long period of close study had established that pre-manufactured rods of the day were not providing enough options to consumers. After experimental work and exhaustive tests, Kirsch® introduces DeLuxe Cut-to-Measure Drapery Hardware- one of the most important developments in drapery hardware history.

  • Kirsch® Invents the First Adjustable Traverse Rod

    To address the need for draw curtains without sacrificing the beauty of the drapery effect, Kirsch® invents the first adjustable traverse rod. The modern day solution assured the ease of drawing draperies and curtains with gentle glide. All operating parts were now concealed within the rod, eliminating any unsightly problems such as dropping or tangled cords. No longer were draw draperies an expensive luxury.

  • Kirsch® Rods were used exclusively in "Gone With the Wind"

    Kirsch® rods are used to create the magnificent federal window treatments seen in "Gone With the Wind." Kirsch® merchandised this fact with special dealer promotion at the time of the movie's first release.

  • Kirsch® Introduces:
    The Cut-to-Measure Traverse
    (Draw- Cord) Rod

  • The Greatest Workroom Advancement Since the Sewing Machine

    The "Kirsch® Kustomatic" is unveiled. It provided a new, radically different, faster and better way of attaching drapery and curtain hooks. Developed in a custom workroom by a decorator and workroom manager, the new system was speedy, efficient and profitable. Attaching 500 hooks by hand took 28-30 hours at a cost of up to $30; attaching 500 Kustomatic hooks took less than 1.5 hours at a cost of only $1.50.

  • Kirsch® Decorative Traverse Rods are Introduced on the "Today Show"

    Another Kirsch® first! These made-to-be-seen rods opened yet another market, and offered all-new decorating concepts.

  • The World's First Motorized Electromagnetic Traverse Rod

    The World's First Motorized Electromagnetic Traverse Rod,"Electrac by Kirsch®," is introduced. It required no cords or pulleys, had no wheels or other moving parts to go wrong and needed no maintenance. It was the world's first practical household application of the linear motor principal.

  • Kirsch® Introduces PanelTrac®

    Kirsch® Introduces PanelTrac®, a versatile device for creating sophisticated window treatments, room dividers and shoji screen effects is developed by Kirsch®. Representing a revolutionary concept in contemporary room treatments, fabric was hooked with Velcro fastening tapes onto sliding strips in aluminum tracks to create the effect of sliding walls.

  • Kirsch® Stock Now on the "Big Board"

    Kirsch® achieved a major milestone in company history when trading of its shares on the New York Stock Exchange began on May 9, 1969 with a ticker tape symbol listing of "KIR."

  • Kirsch® Introduces Studio CoordinatesTM Mix & Match® decorative window hardware

    Kirsch® Introduces Studio CoordinatesTM Mix & Match® decorative window hardware featuring one-of-a-kind hand-painted finials. An interchangeable collection of designer poles, traverse rods, rings and finials provided flexibility and a broad range of possible options.

  • Kirsch® Introduces the Buckingham® Collection

    The line offers exquisite detailing, excellent craftmanship and intricate, hand-finished pieces. This product is engineered to handle heavier fabrics, allowing for luxurious functionality.

  • Kirsch® breaks all records and
    literally sweeps the annual Drapery
    Hardware Category Industry Awards

  • The Estate UltraTM Collection is Introduced by Kirsch®

    A product offering a sophisticated and elegant way to combine heavy-duty functionality with a vast selection of design options, the award-winning Estate UltraTM Traverse Rod is uniquely designed to use with heavy, weighted draperies. It combines the ultimate experience in beauty and function.

  • Kirsch® launched Wrought Iron and updated its Metal Accessories lines

    Inspired by neo-classical and American influences, the Metal Accessories collection's various components - Medallions and Knobs, Holdback Extensions, End Caps and Swivel Sockets - can function alone or in pleasant harmony with other Kirsch® collections like Estate UltraTM and Studio Coordinates®.

  • A New Legacy Emerges

    After 110 years in the industry, we have a history that is overflowing in innovation and design. Our future is constructed upon strong principles of tradition and excellence. Continuously evolving, not only in our products, but our brand characteristics. We approach the unknown with confidence and bravery, keeping our core values in our every step to provide the same innovation for the next generation of Kirsch®.


    For more than 100 years, Kirsch has maintained a rich heritage of custom design. Now beautiful materials and sophisticated touches are transformed into customizable window coverings and delivered to discerning consumers through convenient, in-home design services.

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